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Get Ready – Flip your wig

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The Rushes : Rough mix -not for airplay

Rob Price vocals and Harmonica, Jody Bell, guitar, Shane Ryall guitar,  Sharky Ramos drums,  Steve Purcell electric bass,

Recorded Belmar Studios 11th nov 2015

Also recorded: Unique, Sooky La La


Yellow moon – Magic Sim Martin

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(A Neville)

Sim2The Rushes ( rough mix not for airplay)

Magic Sim Martin
 Vocals and guitar, Paul Coyle piano, Nicky Bomba  Uke Steve Purcell Double bass, Sharky Ramos Drums



recorded at Belmar studios 15/1/2015

Also recorded :Kryptonite, You belong to me, drive my car , With Bells on

Twin Pigs Boom Chukka – Boof

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(Bell / Purcell )
Boof2The Rushes: Rough mix not for airplay.

Jody Bell guitar and vocals ,Steve Purcell bass and vocals, Sharky Ramos, drums, Don Stewart piano

Recorded at Belmar Studios 26th July 2012

Overdubs  at Belmar Studios  June 2015



Also recorded: Evasive Action , Crisper

Funk the System – The Conch

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The Rushes : Rough mix -not for airplay

Shane Goonan  Guitar, Dave Jones Keyboard
Josephine Powell  Bass, Nick Dean  Drums
Scott Lewington  Percussion, Sean Nihill Trumpet, Neil GraceyTrumpet, Jim Glasson Sax, Ralph Whiteoak sax
Arranged and composed by Sean Nihill

 Recorded Belmar Studios 11th Jan 2012

Also recorded: Canopener, The Invisibles, Venuszeula.

Cream – Dockhead

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The Rushes : Rough mix only Not for Airplay


Dale Lindrea Tenor Guitar and Vocals,  Steve Purcell Precision Bass, Sharky Ramos Drums,


Recorded  31/10/12 at Belmar Studio,  Also recorded : Incinerator, Walking fast