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Su Tu Vois – The Pearly Shells

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PSwHet@ormond copy

S Bechet

The rushes – not for airplay

 Rob Glaesemann sax, Steve  Purcell double bass, Dave Allardice, piano Dai Jones Guitar and Gavin Gray drums

Recorded at Belmar Studios 27th Oct 2016. 

 Also recorded: Hot Xmas, Cuban Pete, Romeo loves Juliett, Gamelon Boogie, Hi TPYHCINA


Train – Julie and Eamon

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 ( O’Hara)

J'OHpic The Rushes ( rough mix not for airplay)

Julie O’Hara
 Vocals , Eamon McNellis trumpet, Candyman Reid guitar guitar,  Steve Purcell Double bass, Jason Lui Soon Drums


recorded at Belmar studios 23/6/2015

Also recorded :Situation Blues, Gonna get along without you

House of Bamboo – Johnny Pseudafed and Kimba

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KimbaSurf guitarCropNEW RELEASE BELMAR LABEL   –  March 2014

Kimba Griffith Vocals, Johnny Pseudafed guitar and vocals, Dean Hilson Tenor, Steve Purcell double bass, Gavin Grey, drums


Recorded at Belmar Studios 21st March 2013.  

Also recorded:  Bernies tune, A Train, Viper

Forget about Goyte and Kimbra, its Johnny and Kimba!





itunes single or album       Belmar Records Top 10 vol 2

The lion has escaped – The Allardicians

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The Rushes : Rough mix -not for airplay

Dave Allardice piano, Dai Jones guitar, Steve  Purcell precision bass, Sharky Ramos, drums, Bruce Sandel  flute

Recorded at Belmar Studios 30th Jan 2013.

 Also recorded: Holiday chops 

The warm night and alfresco dining has got under the skin of the Allardicans……

Angel of the night – Porch Neuendorf

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The Rushes : Rough mix -not for airplay

Paul Neuendorf -Vocals, guitar , Dave Jones, piano,  Steve Purcell Double Bass Sharky Ramos Drums.

 Recorded Belmar Studios  1st August 2012

Also recorded:  April fool, Hi Flyer Stomp, Down amounts the sugarcane, Hi Flyer Stomp, I wanna go home.

Another killer original from Paul’s big folder of songs