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Uranium – The Pearly Shells with Yvette Johansson

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Rating: 4.5/5

  (The Commodores)

The Rushes : Rough mix -not for airplay

Yvette Johannson -Vocals , Dai Jones guitar and vocals,  Gavin Grey drums, piano and vocals, Steve Purcell double bass, Rob Glaesemann Tenor sax


Recorded Belmar Studios 4th March 2015


Also recorded:  Jesus hits like an atomic bomb

Crash on the Bolte – Boof

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The Rushes: Rough mix not for airplay.

Jody Bell guitar ,Steve Purcell precision bass, Sharky Ramos, drums.


 Recorded at Belmar Studios 4th July 2012. Tk1 


Also recorded: Happy hooker, Real Love theme, Telephone line

Talk of love – Kimba

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Kimba Griffith Vocals, Rob Grenville guitar, Steve grant  piano, Steve Purcell precision bass, Sharky ramos, drums

Recorded at Belmar Studios 26th June 2013.  

Also recorded:  Bring it home, What is this thing, Coconut Island, Across the universe





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Sweet wasted girl – Jody Bell and the Belltones

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 Jody Bell guitar and vocals, Shane Rhyll guitar               Steve Purcell double bass, Sharkey Ramos drums 


 Recorded Belmar Studios 8th june 2011

Also recorded: I was drunk, Dream “19, Fitzroy boy, Hippie trance.

Boof was back in the studio last week, but here’s Jody’s country band from this week 2 years ago covering early Boof





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Driving on drugs – Gloveboy and Dockhead

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The Rushes : Rough mix only Not for Airplay


Gloveboy Tenor Guitar and Vocals,  Steve Purcell Precision Bass, Sharky Ramos Drums, Tim Neal Hammond Organ and the The Trick-me-upsJody Bell and Lucy Eames  on BVs


Recorded  15/08/12 at Belmar Studio,  Also recorded :Backdoorman, Baby let me hold your hand, Madigras in New Orleans, Miltf Beat, Get Back.

The artist formerly know as Dale, this one’s for Barbara at the ABC