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With bells on – Belmar house band

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The Rushes : Rough mix -not for airplay

Magic Sim guitar, Paul Coyle piano, Niki Bomba  uke,  Steve  Purcell double bass and Sharky Ramos drums

Recorded at Belmar Studios 15th Jan 2015

 Also recorded: Kryptnoite, Yellow moon, You belong to me , Drive my car

Watching the TV – Yolanda

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The Rushes : Rough mix -not for airplay

Yolanda vocals and acoustic guitar, Shane Rhyll, Guitar , Steve  Purcell double bass, Steve Dagg sax and Sharky Ramos drums

Recorded at Belmar Studios 15th Oct 2014. 

 Also recorded:   Happier with her, Give your love away, Caught in the crossfire

Crash on the Bolte – Boof

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The Rushes: Rough mix not for airplay.

Jody Bell guitar ,Steve Purcell precision bass, Sharky Ramos, drums.


 Recorded at Belmar Studios 4th July 2012. Tk1 


Also recorded: Happy hooker, Real Love theme, Telephone line

Talk of love – Kimba

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Kimba Griffith Vocals, Rob Grenville guitar, Steve grant  piano, Steve Purcell precision bass, Sharky ramos, drums

Recorded at Belmar Studios 26th June 2013.  

Also recorded:  Bring it home, What is this thing, Coconut Island, Across the universe





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Everybody knows my secret – Joe Geia

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rough mix -not for airplay

Joe Geia Vocals and acoustic guitar, Dai Jones guitar, Dean Hilson Tenor, Alex Howryod Trumpet, Steve Purcell double bass, Sharky Ramos, drums



Recorded at Belmar Studios 14th March 2013.  

Also recorded:, Aint that goodness, Surare, Hotel Hapiness, Twistin the night away.