Dee Jays



These radio DJs have supported Belmar Records and we are forever
……..please check out their great shows.



(If you are not on this list and should be, please let us know )


Helen Jennings Roots of Rhythm 3PBS Melb Austraila

Tom Sianidis Jumpin the blues 3PBS Melb Austraila   

Bob Valentine The Bobby Valentine show 88.3 FM Melb Australia

Crispi and Cat    The Breakfast spread   3PBS Melb Austraila

Mike Brady Mike Brady Saturday nights  3AW Melb Australia

Billie Pinnell Blast from the past   3AW Melb Australia

Adam Rudegeair  Black wax   3PBS Melb Austraila

Matt  The Juke Joint    3PBS Melb Austraila

Johnny Topper New and Groovy  3RRR Melb Austraila

Eli Schoulal   Hellzapoppin’     3RRR Melb Austraila

Dr Gonzo   Planet X     3CR  Melb Australia

Libby Gore   Afternoons     ABC 774 Melb Australia

Chris Spencer  Australian Smorgasbord    3RPP Mornington Peninsula Australia

Andy Merkel   Got the Blues   3PBS Melb Australia

Big Ian Sutherland  Shaggin the night away      3PBS Melb Australia

Richie 1250    Stone Love     3PBS Melb Australia

 Werner Martin  Hot Damn Tamale    3CR  Melb Australia

 Jenny O’Keefe      Homebrew      3PBS Melb Australia

Tony Biggs         On the blower   3RRR Melb Austraila

Dave and Kate      Banana Lounge Broadcasting   3RRR Melb Austraila

Dingo                It’s  a Gas             3PBS Melb Australia

Paul Gough     The inside sleeve      ABC Radio national

Rick Boost        The Plastic Surgery   GFM.FM Hong Kong

Waleed Aly         RN Drive             ABC Radio national

David Geraghty     2BOB Radio        104.7 FM Taree NSW

Max Crawdaddy     Son of Crawdaddy   3RRR Melb Austraila

Mr Doo Wop          The Maltshop Hop      3PBS Melb Australia

Jonathan Green      The Drawing Room       ABC Radio National

Bobbie Sista Selecta    2BOB Radio        104.7 FM Taree NSW