About Us


Belmar Records is an old school record label/ production house  operating out of Melbourne, Australia, specialising in original Roots, Jazz and Blues recordings.

Our aim is to introduce roots music lovers around the world to some of the great talent Melbourne has to offer, one track at a time.

All music on this blog is hand-made at Belmar Studios, Altona, Melbourne, using real musicians playing live, minimal overdubs, vintage and modern ribbon mics and an ADAT 8 track machine.

Please support the musicians by legally downloading any tracks you’d like to add to your collection.

There are 2 types of music files posted here…

Surfing CoverNew Releases,
Singles (with the Label logo) and Albums  (album cover)  are our latest releases and are available for listening and buy / download.




The Rushes,                                                            (with the “Knobs” pic or band pic) are a taste what’s been happening recently at Belmar Records or a look back at something unreleased from the archeives. These are Rough Mixes, not for download or airplay (but hopefully still good listening!)

Any postings will aim to be just The Music (with details about the session, the players and the odd comment –  a studio log book) Raves will be banished to the Gonzo page.

Please feel free to use 5 Star rating system to lets us know your likes ,this feeds into our Top 10 list on our home page and future releases.


Belmar-radio-PicBelmar Bar Tapes –   one hour Youtube music compilation featuring Belmar recordings. Designed for spreading the  music goodness in bars etc but also  handy if you’re cooking dinner or otherwise with your hands full.

Or just leave a comment. For more information – send us a message.

Steve Purcell – May 2012